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Yahoo SEO Tips SEO Tips for getting your content in the Yahoo Search Engine and achieving high rankings. Yahoo serves roughly 15% of all US search traffic.

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Default SEO for Yahoo!: How to Improve Your Rankings on Yahoo!

The word “Google” is synonymous with “search engine,” but it’s wise to remember there are other search engines out there. Yahoo! is one of them. And if you’re not targeting your efforts to include Yahoo!, you’re missing out.

Even though Google is the search engine powerhouse, it’s not the only search engine. If you ignore Yahoo!, you could be wasting your efforts. By focusing only on Google, you’re missing out on a huge source of traffic from another popular search engine.

Address SEO for Yahoo! now, and you will save yourself time in the future. (And we all want to save ourselves some time, right?) By reading this article, you’ll learn a few ways you can improve your SEO for this alternate search engine. But let’s start with a quick overview of what SEO is.

Understanding the Basics of SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process of improving your website so it ranks higher in the search engines. SEO is one of the most reliable, effective, and inexpensive ways to make your website more visible to the people who are actively seeking out answers to their questions, the products they need, or the services they desire.

Society today depends on search engines for locating information and businesses. If your business has no presence on the Internet, and your SEO isn’t on point, you’re missing out on a large portion of potential profits.

Why is Yahoo! Important?

Yahoo! is a search engine that, as of January of 2015, makes up 10.9% of US search share. That’s reason alone not to ignore it: one in every ten people uses it on a daily basis.

Late in 2014, Yahoo! and Mozilla announced that Yahoo! would take over for Google as the default search option in the Firefox browser. This is a deal that has brought many more searchers to Yahoo!, and may continue to do so over time.

Even though Google still owns the lion’s share of search authority, the future of Yahoo! is promising. And when people search for the services you offer on Yahoo!, you want to appear in the search engine results.

Let’s take a look at some specific tips you can use to beef up your site’s optimization for Yahoo! searches.

What You Should Know About Yahoo! SEO First

If you’re convinced to engage in SEO for Yahoo!, it’s important to recognize some of the differences between SEO for Google and SEO for Yahoo! Here are a few things to know right away:


Just just because the competition is stiff on Google doesn’t mean it will be as competitive on Yahoo! For example, a site that is leading Google for the keyword phrase “best lemon cakes” might be satisfied with the success on Google and, therefore, ignore the other search engines.

If you’re aiming to rank for the same search phrase on another engine, there might not be as much competition if the Google-leader competitor is opting out of ranking in Yahoo!


SEO for Google is arguably more complicated than SEO for the other search engines. This, according to some theories, means that SEO for Yahoo! is going back to the basics, to a time where ranking a site depended on fewer factors.

Google has implemented many algorithm updates over the last few years, many of which have mystified Internet marketers. Yahoo! hasn’t done this.


First, SEO for Yahoo! and Bing are similar. So if you’re optimizing for Yahoo!, you’re also essentially optimizing for Bing. Both search engines have their own algorithms—that is, automatic systems that determine how to rank websites for any given word or phrase—but they are very similar to one another.
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